Leonheart's mobile team provides full-service estate sales in Florida. We are professional experts at simplifying this large, often overwhelming process for clients in a variety of transitional situations.


We make it easy for you...

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Our process includes the following:

• Walk-Through Consultation

• ​Photography of Sale Items

• Effective Advertising 

• ​Research

• ​Set Up & Staging 

• ​Tagging & Pricing

• ​Sale Days

• ​Finalizing Your Sale (optional clear-out, or your preferred arrangements)

We offer the following conveniences to our customers so they will love shopping at your sale:


• ​Debit & Credit Cards Accepted

• ​Delivery Service Options

• ​Carry-Out & Loading Service

• ​Organized Display of Items for Browsing

• ​Friendly, Educated Staff to Actively Assist Shoppers

• ​Excellent Customer Service

We serve Florida communities coast to coast and are always open to new locations:

• ​Florida East Coast:  Vero Beach & the Treasure Coast, Palm Beach County

• ​Florida West Coast:  Boca Grande, Naples

• ​Key West & The Florida Keys

...and more