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For clients and collectors with specialty pieces they would like to sell, Leonheart offers a high-end consignment service based on accurate research, industry insight and market knowledge. Placing your items into the appropriate venue and market level is important. Careful thought and strategizing is part of our consignment process at Leonheart.


Above:  Chinese bowl from the Wanli Shipwreck, c. 1625

Current Consignments Include:

• 18th and 19th century very fine European paintings and prints

• 14th Century Chinese Longquan kiln and Thai Sukhothai kiln ceramics, recovered from the Turiang Shipwreck off Malaysia by Nanhai Marine Archaeology

• 17th Century Chinese celadon and porcelain recovered from the Wanli Shipwreck off Malaysia by Nanhai Marine Archaeology

• 18th & 19th Century Chinese ceramics, including celadon and famille rose

• Tibetan jade scepter

• Tibetan temple carvings with gilding and mother-of-pearl inlay

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*Some consignment items are only available by contacting Leonheart directly.

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